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Hugh Hendry's China Short is Starting to Pay Off Big Time

He has been calling a short on China for quite some time. Now his credit fund is up 38%+ this year, and his short is starting to pay off big time.

The Financial Times has reported that Hendry's Eclectica Credit Fund is up 38.65% this year, with 22.5% positive gains in August alone - and it is understood that the fund could be up by as much as 11% already for the month of September.

Hendry was mocked just last week on CNBC for his You Tube clips of a research trip he did to China. In the clip he shows some of the 'ghost towns' being built in China on a seeming road to nowehere.

It seems that Hendry will be smiling now - and may end up getting the last laugh of all if China hits its hard landing?

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