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Tony Blair's Empire

The latest issue of Bloomberg Markets Magazine has a great profile on Tony Blair, and the empire that he has built since leaving Number 10 Downing Street.

GLG's Pierre Lagrange Paid $17m for Fake Jackson Pollock

This doesn't look very good.

GLG Partners co-founder Pierre Lagrange, is suing a now defunct New York gallery for selling him a fake Jackson Pollock artwork for $17 million.

For someone managing billions of pounds of other people's money, you might expect a higher level of due diligence from him when spending his own money?

Commerzbank With New Credit Crisis Advertising Campaign

We previously commented on the Societe Generale subsidiary advert, comparing banking to having an orgasm:

It seems that the French do it a little differently to the Germans.

This is part of a new advertising campaign for Commerzbank:

You can see some of the other adverts on Business Insider here.

Pulp Fiction in the British Embassy in Iran?

There are disturbing scenes from the 'students' that have stormed the British Embassy in Iran.

However, this one is one of the most unusual and interesting?

Jim O'Neill: ECB Needs to do a LOT MORE

Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Mangement, Jim O'Neill told CNBC Europe this morning:

'Europe needs to act as one' ... and that "the ECB has to do so much more, otherwise we are headed for a huge recession."

El-Erian Says Europe Has Only 3 Options - Including Collapse

Mohamed El-Erian, Co-CEO of PIMCO (the world's largest bond investor) has told CNBC, there are only three options.

One of the three is absolute total disaster.

EU Set to Sanction Facebook Prior to IPO

There are various reports that Facebook will look to IPO in the second half next year. Prior to that, the European Union are going to have sanctions in place that will impact on Facebook's privacy standards.

Jim Cramer says we are now at DEFCON 3

We are not far from a "financial collapse so huge it's hard to get your mind around".

Anton Kreil's Eight Reasons to be Cheerful

Anton Kreil from the Million Dollar Trader TV show, and the founder of the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management has penned a piece for Square Mile.

His message to the anti-Occupy Wall Street movement - the top 1% - be proud... He says its time to 'sit back, light a cigar and watch those opportunities flood in... Your bank manager will be licking your arse'.

Ranting BBC Trader @AlessioRastani Tells #OccupyLSX to 'Wise Up'

This guys seems prepared to go to great lengths for publicity.

Who is London's Mystery Banker That Broke Spearmint Rhino's Lapdancing Record?

Apparently a banker recently spent £37,000 at the Tottenham Court Road branch of the strip club Spearmint Rhinos.

No credit crunch for this guy...

BNY Mellon Advert: 'We've Been Occupying Wall Street for 227 Years'

Its kind of funny, but sort of inappropriate? They may be just slightly mis-reading the public mood towards banking institutions etc?

Hat-tip Mogulite.